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Birl PR | A PR Agency situated in the heart of Belfast.

Honest and straight-forward public relations and marketing support that doesn't break the bank.

Who are we?

Birl PR is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and specialises in PR for SMEs.  We operate much like any other PR Agency in Belfast but without the expensive overheads.  So if you are a business who really needs strategic help with your PR to put it on the map, we're here to help.

At Birl PR we focus on making sure that successful strategic outcomes for your business are at the heart of everything we do and we will be able to advise you to the best PR & marketing path for your business in order to attain results for you as we are... RESULTS driven!

Boosting Brands

Building Buzz

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better with Birl PR

Sectors we work across


We are a PR Agency in Belfast and work with many SMEs & corporate businesses helping them with all areas of their PR & Marketing.


Looking for PR Solutions if your business is in the Film, Visual Arts, Festivals, Literature & Music Sectors? We can help you!


As a PR Agency, we have achieved impressive results for charities and not-for-profit organisations; increasing their visibility and spreading their messaging and purpose. 

At Birl PR we focus on RESULTS 

... and our reviews are
testament to that!   

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